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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Comfy and Cozy north face crescent hooded sweater


Comfy and Cozy north face crescent hooded sweater :-   I love this hooded sweatshirt, this is amazing. It’s a polyester sweater-knit fleece and have two secure zip hand pockets. This hooded is blend between sweatshirt and sweater. It’s heavy weight fleece fills your body with  warmth and coziness on the drive there and the zip center of the sweatshirt has button detail that gives a cute look. Binding at the cuff seal out the dreadful cold and retain all that wonderful warmth. It’s great for day hikes and layers. It looks lovely with hiking pants, jeans with boots and yoga pants. It washes well and has a feminine cut. You can layer it with a collared shirt. It’s fit flattering and maintains its shape after washing.


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