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Thursday, June 11, 2015

7 Makeup Rules for Ladies over 40

At 40 your skin will not look as smooth as it was when you were 20, but this doesn’t mean you cannot highlight your beauty. You just need to follow some basic and common sense rules. And remember less is always better than too much…

10 Easy Ways to Firm Your Saggy Breasts Naturally

Every woman wishes for well shaped breasts and perfect size that will last as long as she lives. The only way in which women can achieve this is plastic surgery. As the women get older her breasts

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

How to curl hair without heat

see more How to curl hair without heat

Heating is very dangerous for you and can easily cause the hair damage and hair breakage so I have found something really effective to get long lasting curls without any heat or causing damage to your hair. Rock and roll with this ladies! 

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How to get heatless sexy waves

Hot twisted crown hairstyle

see more Hot twisted crown hairstyle

Not a big deal to go for this hot twisted crown hairstyle that you can get for your today's evening get together.

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Soft flat iron curls

see more Soft flat iron curls

I loved this simple and astoundingly beautiful hair tutorial to get curls from a flat iron. You'll rock and roll with this hairstyle. It looks decent and you can go for this for your formal and casual dinners.

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How to grow hair 3-4 inches in just a week

see more How to grow hair 3-4 inches in just a week

Grow your hair extra 3-4 inches in just a week. The tips are exclusively simple and easy to do. If you'll follow the tips regularly you'll absolutely find the difference within the mentioned times.

10 tummy tightening food

see more 10 tummy tightening food

If you really wanna know what food you should be eating to tighten your skin of your tummy then you must go through this link to find out what is essential to get such attractive and  captivating tummy.

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Saturday, April 4, 2015

12 Cute, Interesting and Easy Hair Styles to try out

12 tips for faster metabolism and weight loss

Eat more small meals about 2-3 hours apart and make it so you eat about 4 – 6 meals a day.
Do not skip meals. A dieter may want to skip meals but in order to lose weight the metabolism has to be kept high and in order for metabolism to be kept up there has to be fuel. Get good at planned meals. Establish a balanced pattern and plan out the amounts and times to eat the proper meals. Avoid a sporadic schedule for meals as this is a huge mistake. Get rid of the stress in your life. Stress can come from all different areas of your life and it can detrimentally affect your attempts to increase your metabolism. Work on the areas of stress and your metabolism will naturally increase. Green tea in copious amounts as a alternate for drinking coffee will serve to stimulate your metabolism and it does not have the negative side effects like coffee does if you drink too much. Click on link to see more

Friday, April 3, 2015

10 Party Hairstyles For Long Hair To Inspire You

Long hairstyles can be tied in a variety of ways.  All it requires is some technique and a few hairstyling tools. You might need a mousse, dryer, iron, brush or artificial flowers depending upon the kind of look you want to emulate. So, if you are looking for some stunning and stylish hairdos to complement your dazzling personality, look no further.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Thin hair mistakes to avoid

Is your thin hair lacking the extra oomph that thick-haired girls take for granted? Unfortunate, but understandable. Hair care is not a one-size-fits-all application, and the tips and tricks your full-haired sisters swear by may not deliver the same results on your finer mane. In fact, Matrix celebrity stylist George Papanikolas says there’s one major mistake women with thin hair make, and it’s undoing all of your best efforts for beautiful, voluminous hair. click on link to read more

5 tips for curly haire gals

’m sure many of you are wondering what a curly cut is. A curly cut is typically done with your hair dry while each curl is cut one by one – like a hedge. The hairdresser will analyze the pattern of your curls, and cut them in a way that promotes the growth of the curl. This ensures desired length, and shape. No more triangle head! In a conventional cut they dampen your curls, comb them out (eek!) and then continue to cut straight lines into the length and layers. Conventional cuts do not take into account the growth of the curl, click on link to read more